Why was da qiao removed

Dynasty Warriors 6 empires gameplay 18 request

Da Qiao (sorry i removed the old one because it had like 9 minutes of absolutely nothing, so i reuploaded it:X)

Complete Dynasty Warriors 6 CG Artwork

CG Artwork for DW6. Characters are in alphabetical order and transitions occur every 6-8 seconds. Pause or view in full screen mode for a better view of the...

Dynasty Warriors 6 Special: Xiao Qiao Gameplay PSP

Hi there youtubers! Its mj82liby here with my first Dynasty Warriors 6 Special Gameplay on my psp. As you can see, Im playing Xiao Qiao on Yellow Turbans...

Musou Orochi MS: Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, and Kunoichi part 3

Dynasty Warriors 3 (XL): Zhao Yun and Da Qiao part 4

Taipei Mayor to review mobile police station program that ends in December

Three months ago, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je rolled out the mobile police stations as one of his innovative policies. However, only 23 cases were reported to...

Dynasty Warriors 5: Team Qiao Battle (Speedy Version)

Dynasty Warriors 5: Chen Cang Battle (Music Removed Due To Copyright)

songs have been removed due TO copyright Me and my little brother Oleng12345 decided to make a Dynasty Warriors 5 video so yeah.

Dynasty Warrior String of cutscenes part 1

disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or music. The games belong to Koei and the music to Hans Zimmer, John Powell and Joe Hisaishi. Please...

Oichi-Sorceress! Warriors Orochi Modded Character Video pt1

Oichi modded to the extreme. I followed a sorceress setup, with normal attacks alternating among inferno, blizzard, lightning storm, and Meteor storm attacks.