Hunter x hunter hatsu

Top 10 Abilities Hunter x Hunter 2011

My very unconventional ranking. Covers all episodes up to 134. Rank N/A Gons ability rank is completely up-in-the-air. Rank 10 - 0:40 Phinks - kind of like...

Hunter x Hunter - Hatsu Real Life

We made this just for fun, we know that its not perfect. Nous avons fait cette video pour samuser, nous sommes conscient que ce nest pas parfait.

Hunter x Hunter (1999) - Nen Training Nen Explanation Eng Subs

From the 1999 TV series of Hunter X Hunter. Wing, a skilled Nen user teaches Gon and Killua what Nen is and how to use it. Hunter x Hunter is Yoshihiro...

Hunter x Hunter HD Killua - Electric Nen Transmutation

s a Transmuter, Killuas most efficient in changing the form of his Nen. As such, Killua developed a Hatsu in which he transmutes his aura into electricity. This feat...

Hunter x Hunter Leorios nen(Leorio punch gin)

Hunter x hunter-Wing explains Nen

Hunter x Hunter Nen Users Amv

IF you dislike the video you might want TO watch from 6:34 to 6:41 think twice before you make your move! Ive used some scenes from...

Nen clase de el seor wing - hunterxhunter

es lo basico del nen segun el seor wing, en la saga del coliseo del cielo.

Hunter x hunter-The Four Principles of Nen and the six categores of nen users

Top 10 Hunter X Hunter habilidades nen

las mejores 10 habilidades nen, A MI parecer, son libres de criticar, suscribir, y dar pulgar arriba. Gon kurapika leorio killua hisoka habilidades nen...