Million dollar pc cable sleeving
Project Twenty Nine Million Dollar Pc 036

Project Twenty Nine Cooler Master Stacker 831se.

How To: Flexeado de cables (Cable Sleeving) MDPC

Como flexear al estilo Milion Dollar PC todos los cables de tu PC.

Lutro0 Customs - MDPC Sleeve Guide

Lutro0 Custom Sleeving Supplies will now be available at - Everything is the same tools and supplies I use so they are all tried,...

MDPC Sheathing for ComputerTechTVs Rick

Rick Arter from ComputerTechTV sent me some front panel cabling to sleeve. I decided to get the very best high density braid from Nils Papke in Germany,...


I dedicate this video to the ff: 1. Family, my wife who keeps on supporting me and...

Tutorial MDPC Effect Photoshop CS5HD/720

Tutorial mostrando como lograr el efecto de.

Sleeving A Power Supply PCI CableReplacing the heatsink

Re-doing the heatsink on a sleeved psu pci cable using mdpc-X sleeving and heatsink.

MDPC Sleeve Details: Gemini Project

I show you guys some progress on the sleeving phase of this epic mod and discuss some of the finer points of sleeving an AX 1200 psu and the difference...

GodZyla - Sleeve Sata Cable

If you do want to tidy up your cables in your computer for better airflow or unknowing how to sleeve Sata cables, here is my tips and tricks on how to do it.

Performance PCs Wire Sleeving Kit Unboxing & Review

Just a small review of what you get inside the box. Kit is actually made by okgear and distributed by P-PCs called the deluxe Wire Sleeving Kit. Interested in...